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SIBO Essential Course

I haven't posted for quite a while because, over the past several months, I have been working on our "SIBO Essential Course." This is an online course designed to help people who are struggling with SIBO or who think they may have SIBO. Why spend so much time and effort on these in-depth lectures and handouts? Because there are so many self-proclaimed experts on the internet who are spreading misinformation and leading people astray. For example, I had someone tell me the other day tell me that she was following the advice of a SIBO "expert" who told her that a certain test is the best way to get at the root cause of her hydrogen sulfide SIBO problem. I was flabbergasted! The test that was recommended provides useful data for some conditions, but NOT for the root cause of hydrogen sulfide problems. Thankfully she asked me before she ordered the test and was able to save $360.

That's one reason I designed the course--to help correct bad advice. Other reasons include (1) to help my patients, and (2) to help people who want to try to manage SIBO with (or without) the help of a provider who might not have much experience in treating SIBO.

(1) How does this course help my patients? Well, first of all my patients who follow my recommended plan receive this course for FREE as a supplement to the personalized treatment plan and health coaching that comes from Legacy Health. This course will help them better understand the rationale for the methodical approach that we take at The SIBO Center. The course is comprehensive and includes lectures on anything from symptoms that suggest SIBO to a long-term plan for prevention of relapse. What a great resource that they can take advantage of anytime--day or night.

(2) How can this help direct the proper treatment? Even though I strongly discourage trying to treat SIBO on your own without a credentialed provider, I know some are still going to do it. This course gives the essentials of diagnosis and treatment, as well as the proper way to position yourself to prevent relapse. And if you're working with a licensed provider (as I recommend) whom you love but may not have as much experience in the management of SIBO, you can use the information to make gentle suggestions for testing, re-testing, treatment options, diets, prokinetics, etc. The information provided in the lecture and handouts is research-based and the product of my extensive experience.

So there you have it. If you want to benefit from my years of blood, sweat, and tears; enroll in the course. I'm confident it will help you in your quest to conquer SIBO!


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