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How The Comprehensive Therapeutic Partnership Works

The hallmark of the functional medicine approach is to understand the underlying factors of a person’s health condition and then invest the time needed to achieve lasting improvement. We do this by entering into a Comprehensive Therapeutic Partnership with you. This is a true partnership that requires commitment and intensive input from all parties involved and therefore lasts an average of 6 months with the option of extending the treatment period if needed.

The Comprehensive Therapeutic Partnership includes:

  •   5 Comprehensive Consultations with Dr. Jerby

  •   A Personalized & Proactive Plan To Heal The Overlooked Causes Of Your Health     Concerns

  •   An Investigative Approach To Your Case

  •   Evaluation of data & test results to identify root causes

  •   Advanced Blood Chemistry Analysis

  •   Root Cause & Functional Lab Testing

  •   Personalized Lifestyle Solutions & Design

  •   Personalized Lab Interpretations

  •   Supplement Protocols For Each Phase Of Your Healing

  •   Education & Support from your health coach

  •   Direct Lab & VIP Supplement Pricing

  •   Ongoing Education + Special Training

  •   An initial 60-minute visit with Dr. Jerby, discussing your medical and family history and other key factors impacting your health, such as your lifestyle, genetics, nutrition, emotions, spirit and healthcare preferences. The first visit also includes:

    •  Comprehensive history and physical

    •  Review of comprehensive intake forms

    •  Lab recommendations tailored to your particular needs


Follow up appointments are built in to the plan because adjustments in the therapy are frequently necessary to adjust the protocol to your individual biochemistry.


You will communicate weekly with your health coach for the first 3 months, then less frequently as your progress advances and your confidence increases. You also receive secure portal access through which you can ask questions regarding therapy.


It sounds like a lot of visits, but remember, real and permanent improvements in a person’s health don’t come easily and each of us needs all the help we can get. After the first few visits, secure virtual appointments may be arranged if desired.


Other benefits include free access to monthly evening health seminars, cooking classes, and other educational events  at Legacy Health (videos can be provided upon request). Supplements are provided at a 10-15% discount. 

Comprehensive Partnership


The Shared Partnership utilizes the economy of group visits while still being able to meet with the physician in a one-on-one basis to address private needs. Group visits also offer the advantage of the collective encouragement of the group and some have said this was the most effective aspect of their therapeutic journey. The Shared Partnership starts with a 60 minute private evaluation with Dr. Jerby so that your therapeutic plan can be developed and initiated. Lab testing may be recommended (as in the Comprehensive plan) and is not included in the cost, but may be covered by your insurance. You will then have 5 additional monthly shared visits as well as Health Coach access, New Legacy Farmer's Market access, supplement discounts, and ongoing education to help you advance further down the road to a healthy gut and better health!

Shared Partnership


No, this is not marriage counseling! We've found that many couples are struggling with different health problems on the surface but, with deeper investigation, they have the same root cause for their difficulties! Even though each individual will require different approach that addresses their unique needs, the decision to be a healthier couple adds synergy to the treatment. When both are invested in health transformation, the results are multiplied exponentially! Because we believe in transforming the health of couples, we offer all the amenities of the comprehensive partnership listed above at a significant discount for the pair. This is a great way to leave a Legacy of Health for your family!

Couples Comprehensive Partnership


(Reflects a $500 discount for the pair)

Straight Forward Fee Structure

  • Initial history and exam   45-60 minutes  $350

  • First follow-up visit: Summary of findings and initial therapeutic plan  30 minutes $200

    • During your first follow up visit Dr. Jerby will provide you with a summary of findings from the initial visit and labs. This is where Dr. Jerby will:

    • Explain what he thinks is causing your health issue.

    • Explain what additional testing might need to be performed for diagnosis and/or to help rule out suspected conditions. Please note if you have insurance we will do our best to do as much of the lab testing through your insurance as possible.

    • An initial diet plan

    • An initial lifestyle plan

    • Your initial treatment program

    • Provide a prognosis & explain how long your recovery may take

  • Follow up visits 30 minutes $200

  • Outside lab report analysis $50

  • Office Visits – Dr. Jerby usually asks to see a patient once a month while being treated. Depending on the severity of the case, treatment length can range from three months to over a year.

  • Treatment – Cost is heavily dependent on the person, severity of the condition, and the response to the treatment. Dr. Jerby always opts for the most minimal treatment, and his goal is to get you to a point where you no longer require treatment as quickly as possible. However, studies have shown that your treatment will progress more quickly with the expertise of a health coach (provided in the plan structures above)

  • Cost-Savings: Dr. Jerby's care is consistently less expensive than the majority of functional medicine care. This is because he places special emphasis on reducing unnecessary lab testing and ongoing treatment that are often found in other functional medicine environments. Call other offices and see for yourself!

  • Health coach services, if desired, are $100/hour when you utilize this approach.

  • There is no supplement discount or New Legacy Farms produce provided with this structure.

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