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Real Healing Takes Time and Dedication.
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Our services provide a full-range of cost-effective integrative and functional medicine treatments for gastrointestinal conditions including IBD, IBS, SIBO, EOE, and more. Or maybe you need help with unexplained bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, etc. We can help you! Want to get started? Here's how:

Start feeling better

Step 1

Give our office a call at (980) 339-5155. Our knowledgeable staff can answer questions and schedule an appointment with one of our healthcare providers.

It's easy and will take just a few minutes

Step 2--Give us details about your health condition

When you are scheduled, you will then complete forms online that tell us details about your health struggles. This is holistic and comprehensive so be prepared to spend up to an hour completing these. These forms MUST be completed at least 7 days prior to your scheduled appointment! Your provider goes over these in detail in preparation for your visit and begins to make initial testing and treatment plans based on these forms so timely completion of these online forms is extremely important in your care.
Step 3--Visit with MD or NP
Since no health evaluation is complete or comprehensive without a physical exam, our providers recommend that you are seen in-person in our office for the first visit. Among other crucial points of your exam, it is important, for example, to hear what kind of sounds your gut makes and whether any tenderness can be detected. If you are unable to be seen for at least one visit in our office, you can still be seen virtually in this case but on a consultative basis only. Testing and treatment recommendations can be made but some limitations may apply. If you are able to be seen for at least one in-person visit, other visits may be completed online via our HIPAA compliant virtual platform.

How are we different from other Integrative/Functional Medicine Providers?

Legacy Health gives you the best mix of conventional medicine, natural medicine, nutritional medicine, and environmental medicine in a science-based, cost-efficient delivery system.   

Other Integrative/

Functional Practices

Legacy Health

Require expensive plan subscriptions
Initial visit $700-$7000
Extensive/expensive lab tests
Follow up visits
Limited support
Difficult to contact
None required
Initial visit
Only the lab tests
you need
Follow up visits
Optimal treatment
Not sure which direction to go? Schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation, tell Dr. Jerby about your health issues, and see what he thinks. It's easy! Click to button to find a time that's convenient for you.
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