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The Integrative IBD Institute

The development of The Integrative IBD Institute at Legacy Health was inspired by the hundreds of IBD patients that Dr. Jerby has treated over the past 23 years. Early in his career, many of them came asking for the integration of a holistic, natural approach to the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease, but what was available at that time was limited and unreliable.  The Integrative IBD Institute was launched to provide the missing pieces in the comprehensive care of people with inflammatory bowel disease.

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The mission of the Integrative IBD Institute is to provide research-based complementary and alternative care to patients with inflammatory bowel disease who desire to enable their conventional treatments to be more effective or who are wishing to avoid initiation of conventional biologic therapy, if possible; and all in the context of a whole person approach: Body, Mind, and Soul


Our vision is to expand the therapeutic options available to patients diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease through application of currently available research utilizing modalities directed at the microbiome, the gastrointestinal mucosa, and the immune system while working with research groups who are actively advancing non-biologic IBD treatments. 

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