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Medical Consultation

Legacy Health

was created out of a vision to spread the joy of healthy souls, bodies, and minds 

Our Practice Philosophy

Holistic/Integrative Approach

Your gut health is linked to your whole person and therefore we approach your treatment from a holistic perspective. We integrate the best of conventional medicine with the best of natural medicine, and then incorporate lifestyle factors for a truly integrative treatment plan.

Utilizing up-to-date testing and treatments, the Legacy Health Team will guide you every step of the way on your holistic, integrative journey to better health.

Therapeutic Partnership

In contrast to traditional treatment methods, every patient at Legacy Health enters into a therapeutic partnership with the Legacy Health Team. This emphasizes shared responsibility in the treatment process and adds a layer of accountability that runs between both parties in the partnership. Studies show that this model is more successful than the conventional "doctor-patient" relationship, and our experience demonstrates this also. 

Personalized Care

Not only is every person unique but it's also true that there are no two health problems that are exactly the same. At Legacy Health, there is no such thing as "one-size-fits-all" medicine. We treat every person and every health condition in a personalized fashion, tailoring your treatment based on your unique set of root causes, lifestyle factors, and physiologic imbalances. As you progress, we continue to adjust the type of therapy and treatment intensity based on your unique responses.

Evidence Based Treatments

Are you aware that it takes an average of 17.5 years for quality medical research to become incorporated in standard clinical practice? At Legacy Health we are constantly combing the latest medical literature in an effort to bring the most up-to-date evidence-based treatment possible.


In contrast to many practitioners who call themselves functional or integrative medicine providers, we maintain board certifications with our respective specialty boards.

Dedicated Attention

True healthcare requires dedicated time--not only with the patient, but especially "behind the scenes." At Legacy Health, we devote the time needed for you to be successful in reaching your health goals. In contrast to the 7 minute office visit commonly experienced in conventional healthcare, our in-person and virtual appointments are much longer because of the depth of our investigation and treatment. Behind-the-scenes work, including reviewing the latest research and analyzing individual data, is ongoing for every patient.

Root Cause Resolution

So many treatments are focused on symptom improvement without addressing the cause of the symptom. This makes these treatments mere "bandaids" and not long-term solutions to the problem. At Legacy Health, we are committed to investigating and treating chronic health conditions at the root cause level. In doing so we find that many return to us to report that not only has their gut problem improved or resolved, but many of their other health issues have improved or resolved as well. It's no wonder we're committed to this approach!

Check out this video where Dr. Jerby describes the Legacy Health approach and why it might be just what you've been looking for!
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