Frequently Asked Questions

What does Legacy Health provide that I can’t get in the conventional healthcare setting?

Most of our patients have chosen us because of our experience and expertise in integrative and functional medicine approaches to gastrointestinal diseases and disorders. Others realize that their chronic non-GI health problem probably started in their gut, so Legacy Health is a logical place to begin their quest for optimal health. Many find holistic methods, which address the whole person (body, mind, and soul), the most sensible approach to healthcare. At Legacy Health, we embrace continuous learning and staying up-to-date on new advances in integrative and functional medicine, and then use that knowledge to treat your whole person—soul, mind, and body.


How am I billed? 

The cost of any services provided by Legacy Health, which are not included in the initial contracted fees, will be billed to you directly and are due at the time of service. For a minimal charge, you may elect to have your invoiced services submitted on your behalf for reimbursement for out-of-network benefits (this is not allowed by Medicare). Legacy Health cannot guarantee that any of the services rendered will be reimbursed by your insurance provider.


Lab tests may be covered by your health insurance plan per that plan’s rules.

Why doesn’t Legacy Health accept insurance?

We have chosen not to bill insurance directly for the following reasons:

When clinics bill insurance companies directly, the doctors are required to become participating providers. The doctors must sign a contract that allows the insurance company to determine which services they will and will not provide, and how much they can charge for those services. In general, insurance companies are not focused on many preventive or wellness services. They are heavily invested in the conventional model of health care that too often relies on 7-10 minute office visits, drugs and surgery. We are committed to the functional medicine model that addresses the underlying causes of your symptoms with specific nutritional and lifestyle recommendations with the goal of preventing or decreasing the need for medications and surgery.


A participating provider must agree to accept the fees the insurance company establishes, regardless of whether the fees are reasonable or applicable to that practice. In general, these established fees cover the actual cost of the briefest (and we believe the lowest quality) care. Doctors who are participating providers are required to accept discounted fees for their services. Therefore, the clinic must write off the difference, often as much as fifty percent or more of the doctorʼs fee for service. Most doctors and clinics cope with the requirements of being participating providers by keeping their office visits very brief, so that they can see as many patients as possible within a given timeframe. We believe you deserve more time with the physician and Care Team.


Ironically, some of our patients complain about their extremely brief office visits in other medical practices, while at the same time expressing frustration that we do not accept insurance. Unfortunately, we have found that we cannot stay in the insurance networks and provide the time-intensive, well-researched, expert care that you will get at Legacy Health.

What does it cost?

Initial consultation with Dr. Jerby is $399. After the initial visit and labs (if necessary), Dr. Jerby will review your overall case and make recommendations for initiating your healing process. We have monthly plans to accommodate the fact that some health problems require much more care than others. These treatment models have been shown in research studies to be much more effective in helping people to reach their health goals--and that's what we want for you: True healing! True healing takes time and commitment. True healing is much more than a medication prescription that might help a few symptoms but doesn't address the underlying cause of the symptoms. True healing takes weekly monitoring of your progress and minor adjustments in the treatment protocol all along the way. And that is exactly what is provided for you in our therapeutic partnership plans. For more information click here.


Can I use my HSA or FSA account?

Yes. Please check with your HR department to be sure.


What should I expect at the initial consultation?

The initial consultation is approximately 60 minutes. However, prior to that visit Dr. Jerby and the Care Team will spend a significant amount of time reviewing the extensive intake forms provided on the patient portal. Therefore it is imperative that you complete these forms more that 24 hours prior to your appointment. 


During your initial visit, Dr. Jerby will spend time with you so that he can uncover even more clues about the root cause of your health problem. Labs may be recommended based on your individual needs and may be drawn at the initial appointment. Follow up appointments will be necessary for optimal results and these visits are necessary to continually adjust your treatment based on your body’s individual response to the treatment. In the near future, follow up appointments may be completed via secure video for your convenience, if desired.

Are labs and supplements included?

Labs and supplements are not included since everyone’s needs are so different. We order only the labs that are necessary in your particular case in an effort to keep costs down. Many labs are covered by insurance, but some specialty labs are not. 


In many cases, supplements are recommended during the therapeutic portion of your healthcare. However, the goal for health maintenance will be for “food to be thy medicine.” If supplements are part of the treatment protocol, we offer these at a discount to our patients.

What should I do prior to the initial consultation?

To get the most value from the initial consultation complete the online intake forms at least 24 hours in advance. Bring any pertinent medical records, test results, and current medications/supplements. If lab tests are planned at the time of the appointment, refrain from eating or drinking anything (except water or BLACK coffee without anything added) for 8 hours prior to your visit. Call the office if there are questions concerning this.


Does Dr. Jerby perform colonoscopy?

Yes. He provides colonic evaluation for his patients if indicated. If this is performed as a diagnostic procedure, the cost is greatly discounted.

Do you do "virtual appointments"?

Yes, but please note the limitations. In order to establish a doctor/patient relationship with us, you must see us in our office in person at least once per year. If you do not see us in our office in person at least once each year, there will not be a doctor/patient relationship between us and you. Instead, our communications with you will be for education only. These communications are termed “Telehealth/virtual services”. The services we provide to you will consist of information and suggestions that are intended to assist you and your health care provider in using integrative/functional methods to support your health. Telehealth/virtual services are not intended to serve as a medical diagnosis or treatment of any kind. Our fees for telehealth/virtual services are the same as the fees that we charge for our in-person visits. Please note that medical insurance does not cover telehealth/virtual services. You will be responsible for paying for all telehealth/virtual services yourself. We do not refund any amounts paid for telehealth/virtual services.

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