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Keys to Preventing and Treating the Coronavirus

One of the widely known facts about the current Covid-19 pandemic is that this particular coronavirus is NOVEL. That means our immune systems haven't become acquainted with this specific virus in the past and therefore we have no acquired immunity against it. It also means that scientists are not well-acquainted with it either. Fortunately there has been a flurry of activity in the scientific world in an effort to gain as much information about the virus in the shortest period of time--and computer-based studies are one way to do just that. One of the great things about digital technology is its ability to create computer-generated models that may be predictive of what actually goes on in biologic systems. In these biologic systems there is a good bit of "lock and key" activity that takes place. With the right "key" to fit the virus's "lock," it's ability to replicate can be shut down. Scientists have recently identified the main "lock" in the SARS-CoV-2 viral particle, and it

is called Mpro. If the right "lock and key" combination can be identified, then compounds that have the "key" can be utilized (theoretically) to fit in the lock and turn off the replication of the virus. These compounds are termed Mpro inhibitors and as you might imagine, there is potential here for the development of a pharmaceutical drug. However, realizing that drugs and vaccines are 12-18 months away, a team of investigators ran an analysis to see if any plant-based biologically active compounds might be "keys" that fit the "lock." Indeed, a number of compounds were decent fits for Mpro "lock" and therefore would (theoretically) be inhibitors of viral replication. In a rush to get this information out, a "preprint" was released on March 23, 2020 (Reference) identifying quercetin, curcumin, catechin, epicatechin-gallate as some of the potentially active compounds.

This is exciting news but remember, these are computer-generated models and may not reflect what actually takes place in a living organism. However, given the current situation and the fact that these compounds have been shown to be effective in other viral disease, I'm going with the computer-generated model.

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