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Welcome to our Farmacy!

Functional Farming for Functional Health

Since healing and health is largely dependent on nutrition, New Legacy Farms is a necessary adjunct to our practice of Functional Medicine. Our site is a fully operational local farm that incorporates what we call "functional farming practices" which focuses on soil health and avoidance of all industrial chemicals. Unlike "Big Ag" which depletes and destroys the soil, we incorporate natural processes to build organic content and replenish vital nutrients and minerals.   Nutrient dense soil yields nutrient dense vegetables and fruit which, of course, is essential for good health. Our produce is available to all of our patients and may be a part of the functional medicine therapeutic protocol. Where else can your doctor also be your farmer?

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2 Options:

1st option: OFFICE PICK UP

Online pre-orders on Tuesdays for pickup between 9am and 4pm on Wednesday IN THE OFFICE (see address at bottom of this page)


Online  pre-ordering opens on Thursdays at 8 am and closes on Fridays at 2 pm. Orders MUST be picked up prior to 10:30 on Saturday at the Matthews Farmers Market 

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Check out life on the farm...

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